Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil: What's The Difference And Why Does It Matter?

Maintaining a healthy and trim beard has come under much debate for men. At Wolfman Whiskers, we have received many queries as to which product for beards is best. Is it beard balm or is it beard oil? If you are confused about which beard nourishing product is the best for the bearded man, we let you in on the best kept beard maintenance secrets.

Wolfman Whiskers specializes in a variety of nourishing beard balms for men. The creation of bearded products depends on the general needs of the male population with facial hair. Upon developing our extensive beard balm range, we discovered the remarkable benefits of using balms compared to the traditional beard oils. The balms are easier to work with, incorporate additional nourishing ingredients for the skin (mango butter and shea butter) and help soften the skin to prevent ingrown hairs. Beard oils tend to clog the pores, are messy to work with and apply too much, you end up looking like you added vegetable oil over your beard and face. 

Beard balms for men cater to the needs of all textures and types of facial hairs, with beeswax, mango butter, and shea butter providing hold that beard oil can't provide. We are aware of the differences in the beards of men and develop a range of conditioning and soothing balms that work for the hair and the skin.

Benefits of Using a Beard Balm Compared to Beard Oil

A little bit goes a long way – The application of a beard balm is soothing but you do not have to use a quarter of the jar to experience is conditioning effects. Only a drop of balm needs to be applied to the beard and skin. It lasts longer than oil, while providing the exceptional beard moisturizing properties men need.

Eliminate looking like a grease ball – Beard balms for men are perfectly formulated and contain the ideal balance of conditioner. You do not have to worry about applying too much product or have to deal with the greasy appearance most beard oils leave behind.

Deep Beard Balm Moisturization

Keeping your beard well managed and moisturized will avoid follicle damage, skin irritation and itching. When looking at beard balm reviews, many men have agreed, the application of beard balms is easier and delivers on its promises.

Our extensive range of beard balms for men is the best in men’s beard products you can find. It includes deeply nourishing ingredients, includes lightly fragranced properties and actually works!

With the beard conditioning products delivered at Wolfman Whiskers, you can stop itching and ingrown hairs caused by poor beard growth, in its tracks. Our beard nourishing ingredients keep all textures and types of beards looking nice. It is soft to the touch, easy to apply and leaves you feeling refreshed with its listed natural properties. Simply cleanse your beard and then apply your beard balm as part of your beard care regime.

Keep your beard looking bold and trim with the simplicity and benefits of beard balms. While beard oils may have its place in the beard maintenance regime, it is the beard balm that stands above the rest.

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