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Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil: What's The Difference And Why Does It Matter?

Maintaining a healthy and trim beard has come under much debate for men. At Wolfman Whiskers, we have received many queries as to which product for beards is best. Is it beard balm or is it beard oil? If you are confused about which beard nourishing product is the best for the bearded man, we let you in on the best kept beard maintenance secrets. Wolfman Whiskers specializes in a variety of nourishing beard balms for men. The creation of bearded products depends on the general needs of the male population with facial hair. Upon developing our extensive beard balm range, we discovered the remarkable benefits of using balms compared to the traditional beard oils. The balms are easier to...

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Why Bearded Men Should Use Beard Balm In Their Everyday Grooming Routine

Beards come in all shapes and sizes. Whether thick layers of hair cover your face and neck or you are in the process of growing one, keeping it well conditioned, neat and healthy can help you master the art of the ultimate beard. To maintain a beastly beard you need the right products, and for the right products you need the best ingredients. At Wolfman Whiskers we understand the needs of men and cater to the needs of all styles and textures of facial hair with our extensive range of innovative and luxury beard balms. Incorporating our list of beard conditioning products into your daily skincare regime can produce remarkable results. Learn why Wolfman Whiskers is the best and what...

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The Benefits Of Beard Balm For Men With Beards

The Benefits of Nourishing Ingredients in Your Beard Balm Beard balms are available in many varieties, but here at Wolfman Whiskers, our formulations are nothing but the bearded best. We know how to keep your beard soft. We know you want to invest in the man who does not conform but expresses his personal style through his beard. To ensure your facial hair grows soft, healthy, and without tangles, our handcrafted beard balms incorporate only the most nourishing and soothing ingredients for the manly beard. Learn why our ingredients are the best in men’s beard balms and how these work to nourish and style all types of beards. What to Expect With the Wolfman Whiskers Beard Balm Our beard balms...

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Why Beard Balm Is the Perfect Gift for Bearded Dads

For the bearded dad, why not get him the most perfect gift for Father’s Day, an exceptional beard balm? Wolfman Whiskers caters to the needs and interests of dads with beards. Whether short and trim or long and thick, we have the ideal nourishing beard balm products, sure to impress any dad with facial hair, of course. If your dad has a beard, reveal just how much you appreciate him and know what he needs with the most perfect Father’s day gift, designed for the maintenance of bearded men. If your dad has tried oils and conditioners to manage the appearance of his facial hair but not achieved a lush and hydrated result, it is time to invest in the best...

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