About Us

Hi there. My name is Brandon a.k.a. The Wolfman. I'm a full-time blogger for, based in Los Angeles. I have big, bushy beard and love all sorts of live music, especially the cosmic vibes of The Grateful Dead and Phish. 

Much like a proper garden, a proper beard requires proper upkeep. At the suggestion of a barber, I started experimenting with beard oils and balms, discovering what ingredients I like and don't like the old fashion way: By deconstructing popular beard products in my kitchen. The result of that experimentation is Wolfman Whiskers, a men's grooming product designed to keep beards extra soft and fluffy. 

Here's the skinny: Wolfman Whiskers beard balm utilizes mango butter and shea butter, with a healthy serving of carrier oils that hydrate and condition beard hair, keeping it soft and healthy. All Wolfman Whiskers beard balms include a generous portion of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, and Vitamin E-rich jojoba oil, along with beeswax to keep those whiskers in place. Since your beard shares such close real estate with your nose, my scented beard balms are infused with essential oils, intended to create a pleasant olfactory escape while you go through your day-to-day grind. 

The result is a beard balm made with all-natural ingredients and Dude-tastic good vibes, attempting to channel the sunshine and psych-surf energy of Southern California. Our beard balm will leave your beloved manly mane well-conditioned and free of split-ends, all while moisturizing the skin on your face. The mango and shea butter blend soothes the skin below the beard, preventing a beardsman's worst nightmare: The dreaded beard itch. 

Wolfman Whiskers is just getting started with our unique beard balms for men. Thanks for checking us out and considering my beard balms in your day-to-day beard upkeep. 

-Brandon, Los Angeles, May 2018